The Aromatherapy Institute

A branding project which demonstrates our ability to advise and assist the launch of an ambitious start-up with a modest budget, and apply our retail experience to positive effect.


At The Aromatherapy Institute, the philosophy is straightforward: "Physical and emotional wellbeing work in collaboration with each other and are ubiquitous in ensuring a life well-lived."

"Nature has provided us with all the ingredients to support this ideal and our aim is to provide effective natural treatments to combat everyday challenges that interrupt this harmonious balance."


We helped to define and realise this vision, and bring The Aromatherapy Institute launch products to market. Our brief was to create a beautiful identity system that feels unique, and works across all packaging and branded touch points. These products have to sit comfortably within customers' diverse home decor and surroundings.


Working with a simple monochrome palette, we have created a grid system to compartmentalise the various information that is required on each of the the product bottles. This forms the basis for the wider brand identity and acts as a framework which can be adapted to suit all necessary applications.


There are three core categories across the range, and each product has its own unique number. This allows items to be easily identified and repurchased as the brand becomes more established, and adds an interesting visual element to the label design.


We collaborated with photographer Tom Hartford to create a collection of product images that showcase the range of goods on offer. These are used throughout the brand's Ecommerce website and in all marketing activity.


A simple Ecommerce store has been conceived, enabling the brand to launch and sell online. This includes a Journal to produce unique content for sharing and starting conversations through social media channels. Additionally, adaptable, cost effective, branded packaging has been sourced for all online postal orders.


With thanks to Fiona Wilson for inviting us to collaborate on this brief, along with her business partners John de Chane and Thomas Lawson.

Project image credits:

Product Photography: Tom Hartford
Image Retouching: Lorri Scott