Rowen & Wren

Homewares and lifestyle brand Rowen & Wren are passionate about beautiful interiors.

As part of a long-standing collaboration, we have continually helped design and evolve the visual identity, website and packaging, as the brand develops and operating processes grow.


The wordmark is designed to complement the brand photography and a minimalist approach allows the products to take centre stage, and not fight for the limelight.


Rowen & Wren are fascinated by eclectic design, muted colours and simple functionality, which means everything they sell sits as comfortably in an urban loft as a country retreat.


Each customer touchpoint has an ambition to deliver a joyful experience and elevate the brand. Rowen & Wren strive to leave a lasting impression and contribute towards homes that are well loved, lived-in and tell a story with pieces to treasure.


The R&W monogram is introduced further into the customer journey, allowing levels of flexibility and an even more reductive branded application.


This is an ongoing project with Rowen & Wren and will continually develop, as we reduce our impact on the environment. We are actively pursuing ways to minimise packaging items, removing the unnecessary, whilst maintaining the experience and high standards customers have come to expect.


"Lewie has been an integral extended member of our team since Rowen & Wren was established in 2011. Not only does Lewie help us with his exceptional eye for detail across all our graphic design, but he has also become a supportive sounding block on all aspects of the business, something that has been hugely beneficial to a small business like ours. We look forward to many more years building our brand with Make Future’s support and assistance."

Lucy Uren, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Project image credits:

Product Lifestyle Photography: Emma Lee
Portfolio Photography: Tom Hartford
Image Retouching: Lorri Scott

Additional Thanks: Progress Packaging